Smashing Beliefs

Erase Fears, Remove Limiting Beliefs, Release Your Potential


Emovention -X/u

Self-Awareness of the problem state and then turning it off is emovention.  Moving on requires learning how to stop negative, stressful emotional states triggered by traumatic memories.


Apperception -x/+u

Apperception is about activating experiential learning that is novelty rich, aligned with your values and guided by your life purpose.  This activates protein synthesis to open the window for unlearning fear.


Emotional Recircuiting +U/-x

Languaging empowering states of being as a mismatch experience from the apperception process allows for layering in a default response indicating resilience and posttraumatic growth.


Unification +u/+U

Merging higher quality states of being with value creation builds self-belief for naturally, consistently and habitually crafting your dreams with congruent actions for life.  Unification often results in heroic self-expression.

D.S. Yvon

D.S. Yvon

NLP™ Practitioner with DHE™

Smashing Beliefs formula uses mental training strategies and memory reconsolidation (the brains most effective type of neuroplasticity for removing emotional learnings) interventions to help clients get over the past and launch their life towards the experience of a compelling future.